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512, 2019

A Teenager is Saved from Cardiac Arrest in Ohio

December 5th, 2019|0 Comments

Teenager Sydney Ridlehoover from Columbus, Ohio, convinced her parents to take her and her friend to go to the mall. Sydney and her friend got to the mall with Ridlehoover’s parents, laughing and having a good time. Out of the blue, Peter Hubby, Sydney’s father saw her collapse to the ground. He didn’t think much of it, just that she was goofing around like she usually does. But, when she wasn’t getting up, her parents began to worry. Tracy Elsinger, Sydney’s mom, rushed to her side along with her father. They thought that she was seizing since she was shaking and making weird breathing sounds. They called for help and called 911 while turning her on her side. Hearing the screaming, a respiratory therapist rushed to her side and recognized that she was in cardiac arrest, she began CPR. While the therapist was doing CPR, an off duty EMT jumped in to help.

A mall security guard arrived and started to help as well when the EMT asked him for an AED. The security guard grabbed an AED and gave it to the EMT. The AED read that there was a shockable rhythm, and shocked Sydney multiple times to stop her irregular heartbeat which was the reason why she went into cardiac arrest. Shortly after that, the ambulance arrived. She was allowed for two days of brain rest at the hospital, until then doctors weren’t able to determine the cause of her cardiac arrest. They came to the conclusion that it was likely to be a type of irregular heartbeat called ventricular fibrillation. After this, the doctor implanted a defibrillator to shock her heart if it ever happens again. 

Sydney’s mother also has had irregular heartbeat issues for over a decade. Now her daughter shares the same gene mutation. After figuring out that this can be linked to cardiac arrest, the family bought an AED and got trained in CPR. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, you never want to have to use your skill set, but it is a great one to have if there is ever an unfortunate situation. Knowing CPR can save someone’s life, there are many people who are alive today because someone knew CPR and took action. Register for a class today, save a life for the future. 

Code One CPR is an American Heart Association Training Center with locations in Chattanooga, Murfreesboro & Nashville, Tennessee. We offer multiple open enrollment classes every week & travel throughout Tennessee to conduct OnSite CPR classes. We encourage all parents to become trained in CPR & AED use. As seen in this story, it could just save the life of someone you love.


2911, 2019

Code One CPR named 2019 Training Site of the Year

November 29th, 2019|0 Comments

The inaugural Lifesaving Summit was held in Birmingham, AL in October 2019. It was a gathering of safety training companies & industry leaders in CPR training & AED sales. It was an amazing 2 days of networking, knowledge sharing & fellowship. Trio Safety were the organizers & did an amazing job putting this together. Some of the notable sponsors included Cardio Partners, Cardiac Science & Stop Heart Attack. At the end of day 2, special recognition awards were handed out to companies & business owners who lead the industry in innovation & sales metrics. Code One CPR was named 2019 Training Site of the Year. We were completely surprised but grateful to receive this honor. It’s a testament to the hard work & vision of the entire staff at Code One CPR. We look forward to next year’s Lifesaving Summit!

2019 Training Site Award

2711, 2019

Code One New Website Launches

November 27th, 2019|Comments Off on Code One New Website Launches

Code One Website launches offering a new design, tools and connection capabilities.