Starting in 2007, Congress decided to hold the first week of June for observation of National CPR/AED Awareness week with one goal in mind: encouraging all cities, towns, and states to initiate programs that provide CPR & AED training available to the public.

June 1-7 has been reserved as National CPR & AED Awareness Week. This week stresses the fact that every second counts when someone is in cardiac arrest. It also stresses how to properly perform CPR and how to use an AED to help save someone’s life.

Yearly, the Red Cross and American Heart Association teach millions of people how to perform CPR and use an AED. The variety of classes offered can be online, blended learning (an online session followed by an in-person class session), and classes led by instructors are both available.

The certification meets the needs of professional rescuers, healthcare providers, workplace responders, school staff, and the general population. It’s best to check with your employer to see what class is required if you are taking it to fulfill a job requirement.

It should be known that every home and business should have an AED ready to be used. An AED can be the determining factor in someone’s chance of survival. Having an AED available can make a huge difference.

The first week of June is nationally known as National CPR & AED Awareness Week, but cardiac arrest happens every day. Help the statistics go down by getting trained and saving a life.