Why choose Code One?

  • We are an established company with over 10 years of successful operations.
    • Started in 2009 with a single Instructor and in 10 years, we have added 75 affiliate Instructors, 8 Staff Instructors, a full-time Training Coordinator & a part-time admin assistant.


  • We are an American Heart Association Training Center, American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider & American Health & Safety Training Center.
    • This means whatever the requirements of your training, we have a solution that fits!


  • Our Instructors are Paramedics, Firefighters, EMTs & Nurses.
    • A prerequisite to be a Staff Instructor is being active in the Emergency Services. We have found this to be one of the MANY advantages we provide: Real World Application of the Skills being taught.


  • Our clients save lives!
    • We’ve had the honor of receiving multiple ‘Save’ stories from our clients over 10 years in business. This lends credibility to our missionof “saving more lives”.